Black and Red Hair Half and Half Ideas

12 Amazing Black and Red Hair Half and Half Ideas 2024

Wondering how to style Black and Red Hair Half and Half Ideas? Here are a few styling tips that will help you get the look you desire.

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Top Black And Red Hair Half And Half Ideas

Baby Bangs

The darker shade of Red with the black combination sometimes asks for bangs. The bangs at the front forehead look cute on a few. It gives the villain a look to few.

Black and Red Hair Half and Half Ideas
Source: Instagram @daedra_model

In both the looks, a classy combination is for sure. It is highly important for you to get your hair colored and then go for a haircut.

This will make your bangs look natural. For the final look, you have to use a curling machine because the curls are from the top till the bottom. 

Aesthetic Bun

A simple bun that makes you look clean can be opted for. You can go with front curls and then a bun. The combination of two hair colors is fashionable here.

half black half red hair underneath
Source: Instagram @sany_lrz

A bun is something that doesn’t require you to do hair color. but looks charming and different when you do. You can use a bun rubber band for this to give a complete round bun shape.

You can also do the bun on a rough basis. Whatever and how you do, don’t forget to do a middle parting for the cutest look. 

Straight Half and Half 

The straight hair looks classy with every color or combination we choose. I will highly recommend you to use minimum heat if you manually straighten your hair.

half black half red hair on black girl
Source: Instagram @fri_katja

In case you have straight hair then it’s a win-win situation for you. Your hair symmetry plays a great role. As per my experience, I will recommend you do a sharp middle parting for the hair color and after the color, don’t change the hairstyle of the middle parting. 

Long Bangs on Front

I already mentioned the charm bangs bring with the color combination. Front bangs go perfectly with any hairstyle. You can either choose to keep open hair with the bangs on set.

top half black bottom half red hair
Source: Instagram @sara_della.monica

You can also choose a high pony with front bangs with locks at the side face. It is highly recommended to get hair colored before having the hair cut.

This hairstyle goes perfectly for any informal events like parties, informal meetings or solo dates. 

Short Bob Cut

Short bob cut with half black and half red hair color combination looks bold and bossy. If you are a girl boss or a lady with domination, this is what you should do. The hair demands high maintenance because of the cut and the color both.

half red and half black hair
Source: Instagram @xhairbylillyx

Had it been just coloring; the maintenance and tips could be easy as mentioned later in this article. But trust me, all the high maintenance is worth the daily charm. 

Soft Natural

Soft natural is the natural look you go for with this color combination. The hair here can be of any type. It can be curls, straight, half curls or half straight.

half black half red short hair
Source: Instagram

Middle parting here is very important and you can cutely style your hair with designer clips or bobby pins. 

Lower Symmetry With Side Bangs

Some people follow the symmetry of the middle parting half and half look and some follow the upper and lower half and half look. Both the half and half look highly picked.

half red hair colour
Source: Instagram @weronika_nika91

This hair symmetry looks perfect if you have perfectly straight lower hair or heavy curls. You can doll yourself using the silver hair band and some aligning earrings. 

Short Frizzy Curls

Curls look great on the hair color combination. The catch here is to have a different color on the lower hair where you will do curls. The curls have to be done after getting the hair color.

black and red combination half saree
Source: Instagram

The hair here can be up to the shoulder for the coloring to show off. This is the perfect party chic look to have for a fine evening. 

Back Layer Red 

The back layer of red and the front layer of black gives the surprising look. It is like if you want to conceal your colorful combination, just roll over some black hair on the red.

black and red hair colour
Source: Instagram @studiom_hair_salon

Here the symmetry used is front black and inner red. The hair will look astonishing with the half clutch or with the half pony. The upper side black and the inner side red makes the pony look good. 

Full Pony

This has been and still is the most formal look one can opt for. This simple hairstyle is ideal for coffee meets or even morning jog. For this hairstyle you can be at peace because it requires nothing.

short hair half black half red
Source: Instagram @terezka.lisa

You can use any symmetry of the color combination and you don’t need to use any hair styling machines for it. 

But it is highly recommended that you should not tie the pony very tight. It will lead to breakage and hair fall issues. Use the scrunchies or any soft rubber band for the ponytail. 

Perfect Round Curls 

The perfect round curls with front locks is a mesmerizing look. Here you don’t have to follow the straight half and half symmetry.

half black half red short hair
Source: Instagram @lg_hairandbeauty

You can color half of the hair black and the next half with red. The catch here is to get the right curls. For having colorful curls, you can first get it all colored and then curl it.

I will highly recommend you to use curling rubber bands for this instead of machine for better results. 

Crew Cut 

A transforming crew cut from the short hair is setting the internet bars to unexpected levels. For the dashing and explicit hairstyle, you got to color half of your hair black and half red.

red and black hair half and half
Source: Instagram @shearhonesty

The hair needs good maintenance because the bangs have to go exactly as presented. You can change it a bit, but the whole change will hamper the charmless. 

How To Get Half Black-Half Red Hair Color

The hair color combination rolled the internet after the movie Suicide Squad. Since then, people are looking for easy ways to doll up with this sexy look.

You can revamp yourself with this party look by booking an appointment with your favorite saloon. Now with the term favorite I meant, the hair stylist you trust. The rest is on the stylist. 

half black half red short hair
Source: Instagram @daisy_rocha_

If you are being a self-artist, part your hair from the middle to get half and half volume. You can go for any symmetrical shape as per your wish. Ultimately it depends upon your taste.

Finish the red color of the side first and while it gets dried, start the black side of the head. After both of them dry, wash the hair thoroughly. You can go for blow drying the hair or you can keep it as usual. 

Tips To Remember Getting Black-Red Hair

For having this entire look for a longer period, you got to buckle up for a few tips. I will share some of the tips that my hair artist shared for the longevity and perfection of this look: 

Touch Up: Hair growth never stops. When the new hair is grown, the color will be natural. It depends upon your natural hair color whatever it brings out.

If proper touch-up is done, the hair will lose its symmetry and make the hair look uneven. For having the sharp two-in-one combination look, don’t forget your touch-up appointments. 

Shampoo And Conditioner: Shampoo here plays a very important role. We always heard of not using hair protection shampoo because of the chemicals and hair fall problems.

But the problem here adds on with loss of color. To have the entire look for months, you have to follow the prescribed shampoo and conditioner.

You may ask the specialist for a shampoo that doesn’t have many chemicals. Don’t forget to ask the intervals to use the shampoo. 

Styling: Styling or untangled hair sometimes led to breakage and hair loss. Styling using a curler, and hair straightener will harm the hair in the long run and sometimes become responsible for losing the hair shine. Try avoiding hair styling machines to protect your hair. 

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Abiding by the rules for this black and red hair combination is very important. The look is different and demands extra care. The color combination in no way looks absolutely stunning on every face. 

Now, that you got a clear idea about the hairstyles, and hair tips, what’s keeping you waiting? Explore the look and share your experience in the comment section.

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