Half Black Half Orange Hair Ideas For Short Hair

14 Stunning Half Black Half Orange Hair Ideas For Short Hair 2023

If you’re looking for some Half Black Half Orange Hair Ideas For Short Hair, look no further! This blog is packed with amazing ideas that will make your hair look awesome.

The tone of hair color is ruling the fashion industry. Famous faces like Cardi B and Kylie Jenner tried this look and left the camera amazed.

There are people who like to follow the trend and there are some who create a trend. This color combination is a bold move to take because it may not look very attractive on someone. 

Dying your hair half and half is like having an equal combination of two different looks altogether. This pop color in your list lets us give you something to check out before getting all dolled up with the look.

Through this guide know in and out of the half-black and half-orange short hair looks and don’t forget to check out some of the hair settings and styles that you can opt for after getting your hair dyed. Read along and explore with us. 

Top Half Black Half Orange Hair Ideas For Short Hair

Bold Baby Cut

The hairstyle name might look cute to you but the hairstyle is the boldest among all. The exact middle parting here with the orange and black shade glams up the face and makes you unique.

Half Black Half Orange Hair Ideas For Short Hair
Source: Instagram @anniinamak

Short turns at the end with the bangs in the front make the hair color more revealing. You can surely have this look if you have a round broad face. 

Broad Curls

Curls look very revealing on the multi-colored hair shades. I highly recommend you to have this look with the help of some hair specialists.

The hair looks very simple here, but the setting gets confusing because here the symmetry is on the lower side of the head but in the middle.

Source: Instagram @geekandchicbeauty

The lower hair is colored half and the upper is colored half. The hair can be short here, but the curls should be broad enough to give the whole color a nice glam. 

Heavy Curls 

Some have naturally curly hair while some make the perfect curls. Whatever hair you have, this is the look you must try if you’re ever going to have half black and half orange hair color the hair will make your face cutest of all.

Source: Instagram @alexis11.21

This look is high on maintenance, because of all the curls and hair color. both of them need maintenance. 

Mid-length Straight Combo 

The simple yet classy is the trend I am to follow. This look is for the one who likes to keep it less on maintenance and more on color.

Source: Instagram @sagnit_studios_by_lismarie

The color used here is dark orange with dark black. The hair here goes without a haircut and still looks absolutely classy. 

With Vs Without Cut Look 

The transformation looks with the addition of orange and black hair color is put on purpose. You can see the symmetry doesn’t set right on the right side of the picture.

Source: Instagram @hairbykatelyncozart

It is the situation when I didn’t have a color Vs when I had it and got the haircut later. Getting a haircut later gave me this different look.

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So if this is the exact look you want then go for it. Overall the hair looks different and it was less pressure on the salon. 

Long Wave

The darker shade of orange with the blend of black sides makes the hair lovely with minimum long curls. The curls here are long-ended and can be done with the help of a curling machine.

Source: Instagram

To get this glam look you need to follow the right symmetry of mid-parting and keep the hair straight on the top with curls at the end. 

Simple Mid-Size 

If you like to go for something simple this is your go-to look. The lighter shade of orange and black with the middle parting looks different and ideal from the back because the hair is straight here with a bit of low curls. Curls here can be done using the bobby pins. 

Source: Instagram @salon63skewen

Halloween Look 

I know Halloween doesn’t last forever but you can choose to look bold every time. The look shared by me is opted by myself. It just makes your face and personality look bold.

Source: Instagram @_slaytanicc_

You can change the lip color to something cute. The hair is the biggest part here that contributes the most. For this look, you must look for a perfect mid-parted symmetrical hair color and hairstyle. 

Short Wavy Cut

Short wavy hair looks good on everyone. The ones who have heavy hair can go for this look with a closed eye. Here you can follow the half and half middle symmetry or any other half-and-half symmetry.

Source: Instagram @lievkaglovesincolour

Here, keeping the hair straight on the top and a bit curled at the bottom is highly recommended.  You can doll yourself up with a fancy clip. 

Feather Cut Short

The shortcut with multiple colors looks fabulous. Having the feather cut with this hair color amps the final look.

Source: Instagram @hairbymeghan__

We recommend you get the haircut before and then take these colors because the symmetry gets disturbed. For the perfect symmetry look you can either do the middle parting or the side parting. 

Outstanding Short Curls 

The equal partition of hair with curls looks classy. You can keep all the hair on the front shoulder or keep it all tied up. The curls look perfect when dressed up in any attire.

Source: Instagram @inked_kelly

You can try doing braids a day before to have natural curls. This is the way you can skip using a hair curler machine or any other equipment. 

French Bangs Chic

This chic look you can easily get. All you need to do is go for a perfect half-and-half hair color and then get the front French bangs. The bangs have to be short.

Source: Instagram @el_totoro

Along with the bangs get the short feather cut and leave it without a perfect blow drying. You can look more elegant with round spectacles and a bit of nose and ear piercing. 

Simple Half Band

A simple scrunchie or rubber band that highlights the half below the hair’s orange hair and leaves the upper section of black-colored hair.

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This is the minimalistic look and the people who don’t like the half-and-half sides look can opt for this half-and-half symmetry.

Source: Instagram @harrietxhair

Here the hair looks natural and doesn’t look brighter. You can also keep the hair open while using this kind of symmetry. 

Short V-Cut

The V-cut style on the back with the combination shade gives your hair a different look. The classy look makes your hair ideal for casual days. You can either style your hair with the bobby pin or leave it free to breeze.

Source: Instagram @hair_by_claire.va

The hair quality here is normal and is without any curling machine. The ones who have wavy hair will get this kind of look once getting it half and half colored. 

How To Have This Amazing Look? 

This look is on demand during the Halloween vibe. The final hair on any face looks chic and gives you the real party style. You can pick any kind of styling for coloring with orange and black.

You may start by picking one side of the hair as the base and then add popping the color on it. Start with the black color first and finish off the first side.

While the color on the first side dries, start applying the color to the next side of the head. 

Mix the orange color as bright or dull as you want. Start applying it carefully as the texture you like. Keep the color for 40-45 minutes and then give it a good wash.

If you are a blow-dry fan, style your hair according to the looks shared above, or you can choose to keep it natural just like one of the styles mentioned.  

Tips To Remember While Having This Look

To maintain this half-and-half look of charm you have to follow certain tips. The tips mentioned below are highly professional and were used by me when I had a half and half color look. 

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Touch Up: Keep a look at the hair roots, newly grown-up hair comes with a natural hair color. Maintaining those hairs sometimes gets clumsy and disturbs symmetry.

Keep up with your parlor appointments for the touch-up session to maintain the half-and-half symmetry. 

Hair Care: After having the color done, it is important to know how to maintain it with the right system. You are required to use the hair color shampoo and conditioner and other hair care products recommended by the salon.

You just have to replace your regular shampoo and conditioner with the ones prescribed by the salon. 

Heat Styling: Once you get the color done, avoid any kind of heat-styling machine like a hair straightener or curler.

It is not like you have to skip it always, it is more like, using it less. You are recommended to first use it after 1 month of hair coloring.  


The color and the combination no question look stunning and chic. It will surely be your bold move of getting this color done. maintaining it sometimes gets hard on a few people. 

To make the journey easy and soothing for them, I already shared the tips. The tips mentioned here will give you the absolute look for a longer period of time. Follow the tips and maintain this half-and-half trend with me.

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