Flip Hairstyles For Women

20 Stylish Flip Hairstyles For Women 2023 | Easy Layered Haircuts

The world of beauty and fashion is constantly updating itself with new trends but sometimes retro looks like the flip hairstyles for women make a comeback!

There are so many times when we’ve probably just heard of or seen a new trend doing its rounds over the internet, but by the time we decide to try it out, it would have gone “out of fashion” or so they say. 

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In my opinion, fashion is something you can create and things need not have to go out of fashion, if you decide to keep it going.

Well, ‘Flip Hairstyles for women’ are something always in fashion and tried out by so many people. 

So if you ladies out there haven’t tried out getting any flip hairstyles till now, go ahead and get yours now!

Here are 16 Flip Hairstyles you can try out today. So make your choice!

Flip Hairstyles For Women 2022

#1 – ‘The Slicked Back’ flip hairstyles for women

Source: Pinterest.com

Not just with the men, but even with the women, this “slicked back” hairstyle is totally in fashion now! 

Especially for women with medium length hair, this one’s perfect for you to try. 

Some people find that slicking their hair back makes it easier to style and that’s why most people love to have it that way these days. 

But there are two important aspects in attaining this look. Firstly, you will have to learn how to get your hair ready to get that perfect slick back hairstyle.

And second, you need to invest in a good quality hair wax or pomade to brush over the slick backed hair to let it stay perfectly in place.

#2 -‘The Flipped Ends’ Flip Hairstyles For Women

Source: Pinterest.com

This hairstyle will work best on women with shorter hair lengths and straighter hair types (unless you would wish to get your hair temporarily or permanently straightened to get this look).

The flipped ends hairstyle requires the hair to be combed out with a side parting preferably and brushed downwards, finally pulling your hair gently outwards only at the ends, to give it that perfect “flipped ends” look.

#3 – ‘The Center Parted Layered’ Flip Hairstyles For Women

Source: Pinterest.com

The name of this hairstyle suggests what this one’s going to be, right? Well, it is as it sounds. It is straightforward and simple to style and can get you on the go in no time. 

So if you’re running late some time, try this one out! This one works well with ladies having medium or long hair. 

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All you need to do is get your hairstylist to give you the perfect layered cut with layers at different levels – the first one starting below your eyes, then the next one at your chin (and near your neck if you have longer hair and so on). 

You will then need to part your hair at the center of your head and let the layers fall towards the sides of your head.

#4 – ‘The Sharp Layered’ Flip Hairstyles For Women

Source: Pinterest.com

This one looks pretty cool, doesn’t it? It for sure brings out one’s personality, in my opinion. It not only looks trendy but is eye-catching for those around you. 

There are many levels of layers, starting off with the sharp angled fringes at the forehead and flows perfectly down the head toward the sides. 

If you have straight and short or medium hair length, I’m sure this look will look perfect on you!

#5 – ‘The Bun with Flips’ hairstyle

Source: Pinterest.com

Are you having a bad hair day and your hair just won’t stand in place? 

Throw it up into a messy bun and let your bangs or a few strands of hair in the front be left out of the bun, to style it over your forehead to get the perfect look. 

This one’s easy to maintain and looks classy for sure.

#6 -‘The Shaggy’ Flip Hairstyles For Women

Source: Pinterest.com

Are you one of those women with voluminous hair and always worry about not being able to get a good cut? 

Well, this one’s for you. It looks classy and can also showcase your personality well. Also, guess what? 

The good news is you don’t have to do much, all you need to do is randomly part your hair asymmetrically and let the volume of your hair fall towards the sides.

#7 -‘The Feathered’ Flip Hairstyles For Women

Source: Pinterest.com

Well, if you have to look like you got feathers stuck in your hair; you got to do it, if you like this style, because it looks amazing! 

If you have long wavy hair or long straight hair, this one will look perfect on you. 

Get your hairstylist to give you the “feather hair cut” and all you need to do is, part your hair at one side and let the “feathers” flow down at the sides. 

Simple, but elegant, is what I think of this hairstyle as!

#8 – ‘The Retro Flipped’ hairstyle

Source: Pinterest.com

I honestly like to see old trends come back into fashion. It reminds us of the good old days. This one’s from the 1960’s, but is still totally classic and iconic!  

You don’t have to actually “style” it, but it can pass off as hair that has been “styled” for sure. 

Comb your hair out backwards or with a parting of your choice and then to own the look – put on a hair band! Yes! It is that simple!

#9 – The Side Flip Hairstyles For Women

Source: Pinterest.com

This one I’m sure can be most ladies’ go-to hairstyle because it is so simple, yet looks lovely! 

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The best part is that you don’t need to put in any effort to wash it before styling, blow dry it, use any hair serums or gels, nothing! 

Just flip all your hair towards one side and let it flow downwards, and that’s it, that’s the look!

#10 – ‘The Floral’ Flip Hairstyles For Women

Source: Pinterest.com

Now this one’s pretty and elegant, isn’t it? And no, you don’t need to be just a bride or a bridesmaid to get this hairstyle. 

You can get it anyways, because it looks so pretty! It will look good to try out for any special occasion. 

Part your hair in the direction of your choice, gather a portion or a few strands of hair towards one side and pin it up there along with a flower.

Or you can even try out this look, by wearing a floral tiara angled sideways over your head and give this style a twist of your own!

#11 – ‘The Medium haircut with Bangs’ hairstyle

Source: Pinterest.com

This one looks adorable and it is perfect if you have medium length hair or plan to cut your hair to a medium length. 

You can part your hair at the center preferably and layer the sides of your hair to flow downwards at the sides of your head, while the top hair is cut into bangs, to fall over your forehead.

#12 – ‘The Layered Flips’ hairstyle

Source: Pinterest.com

I really like how this one looks on people. Especially if you’re a woman with medium length hair or long hair, this one is an ideal cut to get. 

Your hairstylist will give you the layered haircut and all you need to do is comb out your hair downwards with only the ends pointing outwards, to best match this style!

#13 – The Tiny Flip Hairstyles For Women

Source: Pinterest.com

This hairstyle can proudly be worn literally anywhere, to a party, to the mall, to a business meeting or maybe even to work! It can suit any kind of occasion.

This one’s easy to pull off, if you have a short layer or bangs at the front of your head, because that’s all it needs to create this hairstyle.

You need to comb out all your hair backwards and flip over just the short layer or bangs towards one side and there you go, the tiny flip hairstyle it is!

#14 – The Messy Short Flip Hairstyles For Women

Source: Pinterest.com

Just how you have the simple side flip hairstyle, this one’s quite similar, as it also requires your hair thrown into a side flip, but the good part is that it can be a messy side flip. 

Those with short hair lengths can try out this trendy hairstyle, as it is perfect for women with shorter hair lengths.

#15 -‘The Layered Bob’ hairstyle

Source: Pinterest.com

I remember the time back in 2007 when the world-famous singer Rihanna got the bob cut and the style went viral as “the Rihanna Bob”.

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And I cannot deny the fact that it looked so good! If you’re a lover of short haircuts, then this one is the next one you should try. 

This one has a twist of course, you get the bob cut, but with layers to style it.

#16 -‘The Choppy’ hairstyle

Source: Pinterest.com

If you like keeping your hair short and wondering what style to go in for next, try this one. It looks casual, feels cool and is totally trendy, so you’re good to go. 

All you need to have is your hair chopped in irregular layers and then, part your hair at one side and flip the hair over to the other. 

If you wish to have bangs, you can also tell your hairstylist to give you bangs as it will suit this hairstyle perfectly.

Flip Ponytail Hairstyle

90s Flip Bob Hairstyle

Flip Hairstyle With Curtain Bangs

FAQs about Modern Flip Hairstyles For Women

What is a flick hairstyle?

A flick hairstyle or flip hairstyle is a type of haircut in which the tresses are cut in multiple layers and the ends of those layers flick upwards sort of like a Christmas tree. Think Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama, Jennifer Aniston on Friends and Drew Barrymore in well.. just about anything in the 90s. These styles are great for thinner hair as the layers add volume the flipped ends give an illusion of fullness as well.

Is Flip back in style?

According to all the celeb hairstylists, yes! Flip hairstyles that have the ends of your layered hair pointing upwards are totally back in vouge. This is a part of the larger resurgence of nostalgic 80s and 90s fashion. A lot of fashion influencers like Hailey Bieber, Megan Thee Stallion and the Kardashians are also the reason for bringing back this fashion trends.

What is a flipped Bob?

A flipped bob is nothing but a layered bob but whole ends are flicking upwards. Or it can also be a non-layered straight bob but whose ends flip upwards, forming two curved shapes.

The final takeaway

So ladies, if you think you need to have “the right personality” for the “right hairstyle” or else you feel it wouldn’t suit you.

Trust me, we all have personality! You just need to get the hairstyle done. I’m sure you’ll pull it off just fine. 

Have fun experimenting or maybe even convince your hairstylist into incorporating two hairstyles into one whole new one! 

It’s your hair, so just have fun with it. Maybe even start a new trend of your own, because why not, right?

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