Top Youthful Hairstyles for Older Women

16 Top Youthful Hairstyles For Older Women Trending In 2024

Why should younger women have all the fun? Here are some youthful hairstyles for older women that make you look your stylish best!

If your hairstyle is what’s making you look older than your actual age, then it is time to switch it up! 

This one is for all you so-called “older” women out there, because whatever be your age, it is no bar to have the in hairstyle or maybe even create your own style. 

So go ahead and try out something new and experiment on one of these top and trendy hairstyles that will make you feel like you’re in your twenties again!

Hairstyles For Older Women That Make You Look Younger

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyle

Top Youthful Hairstyles for Older Women

If you are someone who likes having your hair kept short but you are also quite tired of your old hairstyle, then do it the Jamie Lee Curtis way! 

Or maybe even rock the Kris Jenner messy pixie hairstyle.

This hairstyle is forever trendy and perfect for short hair. 

It sports shorter hair on the back of your head and over the sides, while messy bangs fall over the forehead.

Short Bob with Bangs Hairstyle

hairstyles for older women

The infamous “bob cut” became very famous back in 2007 after the well-known singer Rihanna got this hairstyle. But it was popular since the 1920s actually!

Sometime after, Victoria Beckham too was seen sporting this look. Well, if they can sport this look, I’m sure you can carry it off as well. 

Give it a shot then, will you? This hairstyle suits women with straighter hair types, cut short upto the neck and gradually styled with bangs covering the forehead.

It’s among the fantastic youthful hairstyles for over 50 women!

Layered Modern Shag Hairstyle

layered hairstyles for older women

Well, I must admit, I really like the look of this hairstyle. It looks super cool and absolutely trendy and fashionable. 

For those women with medium length hair that go below their shoulders, this hairstyle entails a layered haircut.

The bangs that fall messily at the sides of the forehead and face, tapering down only to get camouflaged into the other layers of the haircut.

This is one of my favorite layered hairstyles for older women.

Short Feathered Bob Hairstyle

easy hairstyles for older women

This hairstyle looks exactly as it sounds. Yes, that’s right, it is short and it makes your hair look like it has feathers. 

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This cut is simple, yet elegant. It is super easy to manage and maintain. 

Your hair needs to be cut upto your jaw and with the layers that look like messy feathers.

These feathers run all the way down from the crown of your head towards the sides, making your hair look very voluminous.

Classic Cut with a Side Comb Over Hairstyle

hairstyles for over 60 with glasses

Want some cute women’s hairstyles for over 60 with glasses? Here is one just for you!

Well, there are some who are not yet for a whole new look, but just for a little tweak in style as of now. 

Well, we’ve got that covered because this hairstyle will cater exactly to your requirements. 

All you need to do is have your hair fall straight all the way down just above your shoulders.

Till the nape of your neck while you comb over your hair from the right side over the left, falling down over your ears.

Semi Perm Short Curled Hairstyle

medium length hairstyles for older women

In my opinion, this hairstyle sports a blend of the classic retro hairstyle with a tinge of modernity, making it the perfect blend of both! 

This will look perfect for women who are willing to have their hair cut short and get it permed with rollers blending the look of curls, without having the hair look completely coiled up.

Messy Wavy Curls Hairstyle

pictures of hairstyles for 60 year old woman

Well, I must say that this hairstyle looks casual yet very classy. 

Wavy or curly hair is hard to manage at times and there are times when you are running late and have no additional time to spare on “styling” your messy hair. 

Then worry not, because this style will make you sport the perfect look for you need to have your hair messy in order to have this hairstyle. 

All you need to do is partition your hair towards the center and tie a little of your hair at the back of your head very loosely with a clip and have the rest of your hair left to flow over either side of your shoulder.

Messy Bun Hairstyle

short hairstyles for 65 year old woman

This one is one of my personal favourite medium length hairstyles for older women because it is one style that suits literally everyone irrespective of their age. 

If you have medium hair length with a step cut and do not wish to leave it all the time, then this forever trending look is the right one for you! 

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Tie your hair into a loose ponytail and use the second loop to wrap your hair around into a bun instead of letting it out into a ponytail.

Now, leave the loose strands to fall at the sides of your head.

A-Line Bob with a Side Comb Hairstyle

youthful hairstyles over 50

This hairstyle was once sported by Jenifer Aniston and it looked gorgeous and sporty. It is simple yet refined. 

For those with short straight hair, getting your hairstylist to give you the A-Line bob should be your ultimate go-to hairstyle. 

This hairstyle entails the hair to be shorter at the back and tapered towards the front where it gets longer. 

This is where the side comb comes in, because when you side comb your hair, the longer hair stands perfectly at the side of your face.

Simple Boy Cut with Side Comb Hairstyle

bob hairstyles for older women

If you are someone who doesn’t like spending much time on hair maintenance then this low-maintenance hairstyle is the best one for you. 

You will not have to spend much time trying to get rid of tangles as it is easy to comb and easy to wash as well. 

Getting the simple boy cut hairstyle will save you time, but still make you look graceful. 

It is short, ends at the end of your head and all you need to do is comb it roughly after taking a side partition and you’re good to go!

Straight Bob with Side Bangs

This one’s easy to maintain, simple to have and yet stylish by the looks of it. 

This look is trendy and looks really cool if you’re someone who likes to dress more casually, maybe in a dress or simply throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. 

This hairstyle has all your hair cut short, upto the end of your head, with the same length all around, styled with a short bang falling only over one side of your forehead.

Medium or Long Hair Length Flicks Hairstyle

highlights hairstyles for older women

This one among my favourite ones, because this hairstyle looks very elegant and pretty even though the styling is just done at the bottom of the hair’s ends. 

This hairstyle can be done on women with either medium length or long hair lengths, because the length of the hair doesn’t matter much as the “flicks” come only at the bottom. 

These flicks look very subtle but are shaped outwards at the ends of the hair strands.

Short Choppy Jagged Hairstyle

grey hairstyles for older women

A while ago I saw Cameron Diaz fashion this hairstyle and it looked absolutely lovely! 

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So I’m sure this hairstyle is definitely worth a try for those willing to try out an all-new look. 

Choppy hairstyles are forever in fashion and in my opinion, will always look good, irrespective of age. 

This hairstyle needs you to have a short haircut with the hair cut at shattered lengths and roughly tousled around to give you the ideal look.

Long Hair with Subtle Waves Hairstyle

long hairstyles for older women

This hairstyle is for those of you who have hair that is neither straight nor curly. Yes, the ones with the subtle waves. 

This one’s for you! This hairstyle requires no much effort to style, but yet looks very fashionable. 

It is simple and easy to style especially if you’re one of those people who do not like to spend too much time on their hair. 

All you need to do is comb your hair backwards and side comb a very little portion of the hair just above your forehead. 

Now take that portion of your hair and let it fall loosely over one side, while the rest of the hair remains at the back.

Traditional Straight Cut Long Hair Hairstyle

straight hairstyles for older women

While most of us like our hair short or just below the shoulders, there are some of us who love to have our tresses left long. 

In this style you get your haircut into the traditional straight cut at the bottom.

But then you add a tinge of style by combing a little of your hair above your forehead, to one side and letting it fall downwards over your shoulder.

The rest of your hair that falls over the other, will make it look very classy yet traditional.

Messy Spiky Pixie Cut Hairstyle

spikys hairstyles for older women

Well, let’s just take a minute to look at how cool, trendy and gorgeous this hairstyle looks! I absolutely love this one. 

This hairstyle is a simple short hairstyle, with the hair on the crown of the head cut short, so that it stands upwards making the hair strands look like messy spikes.

The final takeaway

Well then ladies, here’s what it is – just do it! Get the hairstyle you love and love the hairstyle you get. 

Apart from these youthful hairstyles for older women, you can always get your hairstylist to tweak or combine two hairstyles and create your own one, cause why not, right? 

Don’t ever worry about your “age” as it is no reason for not getting the hairstyle you want!

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