How To Get Half-Dyed Hair Underneath With Blue

How To Get Half-Dyed Hair Underneath With Blue

Wondering how to get half-dyed hair underneath with blue. Check out this guide on how to achieve the desired effect in a simple, step-by-step process.

The half-dyed hair trend aka the peekabo hair is currently the most sought-after hair coloring technique. This process involves coloring the underneath of your hair in a distinct color from the top layers. 

The peekabo hair coloring trend came into the limelight when vibrant dyes were used to color the underneath parts of dark hair.

In fact, it was the rainbow peekabo hair that inaugurated the trend. Unlike highlights, peekabo hair coloring is low-maintenance and DIY-friendly. 

Thus we’ve brought you a guide on how you can half-dye the bottom parts of your hair with blue and a bunch of tips that can come in handy when dying your hair at home. Check out the article below to find out!

How To Get Half-Dyed Hair Underneath With Blue

Preparation for Half-dying Underlayers Of Hair

Half dying only the bottom layers of your strands calls for proper prepping and unsurprisingly you might even need to undergo certain procedures that may prolong the entire peekabo dying process. 

Half-Dyed Hair Underneath With Blue
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If your hair is anywhere in between dark-colored spectrums that are from black to dark brown then you’ll most likely have to lighten your hair if you wish to color it blue.

This can be done by bleaching your hair and then coloring the bleached strands blue in order for the color to appear vibrant. 

On the other hand, if you have yellowish-blonde to platinum-blonde hair, then you don’t have to undergo the bleaching process. Hence, you can simply kick start with the peekabo coloring procedure.

To make it convenient for our diverse readers, we’ve included a step-by-step guide for half-dying the underlayers of your hair including the bleaching process for those with dark hair.

How To Half-Dye Hair Underneath With Blue

Before you begin with the dying or bleaching process make sure your hair is clean from impurities or oil.

We recommend showering at least an hour before the dying process and making sure to use a shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and deeply hydrate your locks. Wear an old set of clothes and a pair of gloves during the dying operation.

After blow-drying your hair, follow the steps listed down below.

how to get blue hair dye out hair
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Step 1. Section Your Hair

Segregating your hair is the most crucial step of this process because you’re only focusing on coloring the underlayers of your hair. 

Use a comb to level your hair by parting horizontally from behind your ears. You can do this by drawing a line with your comb starting from the right ear and leveling your hair all the way to the left ear. Lift the upper layers of your hair and clip it firmly on the top. 

Use a mirror to check if the upper hair layers are straightly leveled and the bottom layers are evenly exposed ensuring they cover the nape of your neck. 

Step 2. Bleaching Your Hair

As we mentioned above, bleaching your hair is necessary if you have dark hair. Use a bleaching kit from a renowned brand and follow the instructions on the kit exactly as stated. 

how to get blue hair from black
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Bleach only the lower layer of your hair that has been sectioned. Let your hair process in bleach according to the duration stated on the package. Do not let your hair overstay in bleach as this will cause damage. 

Wash the bleached strands thoroughly with shampoo and condition them. Dry them out before beginning the dying session.

Skip this step if you have light or blonde hair.

Step 3. Coloring The Hair Underneath

Now it’s time to give the bottom layers of hair their color. By reading the instructions on the hair color package, mix the blue dye and developer together to activate the color. Use a brush to apply cautiously on the lower layers of hair. Start from the roots and apply all the way down. 

dye half hair underneath
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You can even use your gloved hands to work the dye evenly across the strands. Make sure to apply the blue dye equally on all parts of your hair. Focus more on the roots because they take the longest to saturate. 

Now allow the dye to sit according to the duration stated on the package. 

Step 4. Washing Your Hair

After the dye has been processed on your locks you can now wash your hair. Only shampoo the dyed strands and wash them thoroughly to purge residue.

Condition the strands and rinse them. Blow dry your hair to reveal the vibrant blue color underneath. 

Don’t shower for at least 2 days. This is to ensure the blue dye doesn’t bleed to the uncolored parts of your hair. Now that you perfectly nailed the peekabo drying process, it’s time to style and slay your hair.

Tips On How To Dye Hair Two Colors Without Bleeding

If you’re dying your hair at home, chances are you’ll make unintentional mistakes. Particularly, if you’re dying your hair with two or multiple colors the odds of the colors bleeding or mixing into each other are probably high. 

To lower such probabilities, there are certain precautions you have to take. 

Dying The Top With A Lighter Color – If you want the ombre effect on your hair then color the lower part of your hair with dark colors and the upper part with light colors.

Doing so won’t cause intense bleeding on the lower sections because the light-colored dye at the top can’t overpower the pigments of the dark-colored dye which is at the bottom. 

half dyed hair underneath blonde
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For eg, if you color the top section of your hair with orange and the bottom with red, even if the orange dye slightly bleeds onto the red part, it won’t manifest much because red pigments are more intense than orange. 

Use Rubber Bands To Divide The Strands – Rubber bands can come in handy to section your hair when coloring two colors. Separate your hair into slim pigtails and use a rubber band to divide each pigtail.

Now color the section above the rubber band with a light color and the section below the band with a dark color. Tying the band tightly secures the hair and prevents bleeding.

Use Foils To Divide And Cover Your Hair – Foils are much more effective when it comes to hindering color bleeding between hair. Furthermore, if you wish to have a lighter color beneath and a darker color at the top then you can resort to using foils. 

half dyed hair underneath
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To keep a precise division between the two colors, use bands to separate your hair.

Dye both sections with your desired colors and use separate foils to cover the different sections. 

Wash Each Section Separately – Now that you’ve dyed your hair with two colors, make sure to wash the dark-colored sections first while the light-colored strands are covered in foil. This will prevent dark colors from bleeding into the lighter areas. 

How To Ombre Hair With 2 Colors At Home

A creative way to add vibrancy to your monochromatic hair is by trying the ombre hair coloring method. Attempting the ombre hair coloring method at home can be intricate and time-consuming but with the right techniques we’ve listed below you can pull this off effortlessly. 

half dyed hair underneath blue
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Step 1 – Separate your hair into two equal parts and tie them in pigtails.

Step 2 – If you have dark hair then you may want to bleach your hair. When bleaching your hair don’t leave it longer than the prescribed time and ensure the bleached strands are covered in foil. Shampoo and condition your hair to eliminate the bleach and dry them before dying.

Step 3 – Divide the bleached strands by securing a band in between your hair leaving at least 2 inches for each bleached portion. If you have blonde hair then you can simply segregate your hair with bands and skip the bleaching process.

Step 4 – By following the instructions on the package, mix the colors and developers. Use separate containers and brushes for both colors.

Now you can dye the bottom portion of your hair initially with the desired color and cover it with foil. Follow the same step for the top portion with the other color and conceal it with a different piece of foil as well.

Step 5 – Gently twist the foiled strands at the meeting point of both colors to ensure they blend partially.

Step 6 – After the dye has been processed on your locks for the prescribed time wash each colored section of your hair separately with shampoo and conditioner. 

Now you can blow dry and style your ombre hair preferably.

Is It Possible To Get Half-Dyed Hair Underneath Blonde?

If you have black or dark hair and want to dye it with a much lighter shade then bleaching is the right way to go. But do you need to bleach your hair if you wish to color it blonde? 

Of course, you do, otherwise, you can’t achieve the desired results on your locks. If you wish to dye the underneath part of your hair blonde then you have to follow the peekabo coloring procedure. You can do this by following the step-by-step guide we’ve analyzed above. 

how to dye your hair half and half top and bottom
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Even blonde hair dyes come in several shades and you can pick between them to half-dye the underlayers of your mane.

The most popular half-dye blonde hair trends are performed by leaving the top portion of your hair as it is (assuming you have black hair) and coloring the bottom layers in platinum blonde. 

This trend looks absolutely stunning when you style your hair, especially with half-buns. The platinum blonde shaded strands look shimmering when paired with black hair.

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